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Kevin Ellis Bassist of Dreaming in Colour

  Kevin Ellis- Bassist, composer, producer, arranger Kevin Ellis, has embraced the influences of Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Scott Ambush and Tom Kennedy. Throughout his career Kevin has listened to an array of contemporary jazz artists who have infused his adoration for those genres.Out of those influences came the genesis of his passion, Dreaming in Colour

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Dreaming in Colour currently features Michael Scherer on Keyboards, Tom Byrne on Guitar, and Jason Swagler on Sax. Michael studied music at Milliken  University,following Brian Culberston through their program and taking lesson from his father.Tom Byrne is a professor of music, guitar and jazz at Webster University. Jason Swagler is head of jazz studies at Southern Illinois University. Together with Kevin and Chris it's an incredibly dynamic and prolific band.

  Chris Noonan- Yamaha Endorsing Artist Chris Noonan has played drums the better part of 50 years. Various styles and gigs over that time , plus studying with the likes of the legendary Jim Chapin and Dave Weckl have helped form his solid foundation. "I've always been a fan of Big Band music. My grandfather was a jazz drummer and his old records were an influence" later of course it was Buddy Rich, Ringo Starr and many more. " I really appreciate a drummer like Steve Gadd who's played so many styles and songs, doing what's right for the music". 
Dreaming in Colour keeps its groove together with the tasteful polish of Noonan's playing.

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