Dreaming in Colour has started the recording of their next record, The Full Effect, with another stellar crew of musicians. Jeff Lorber once again joins forces to play keys mix, and co produce ,along with saxophone great Eric Marienthal, Chuck Loeb on guitar, and Randy Brecker on trumpet to name a few. This will be an amazing record when its all said and done. You can pre order yours now as well as get insightful information, giveaways, downloads, videos,pictures, and news about the record as it's being put together at PledgeMusic.com. Become a pledger and get the record first, or better yet, have Dreaming in Colour play the venue and function of your choice with a ( rather large) pledge...or signed items from the session...how about going to JLF Studios for a mix down day with Jeff Lorber?...Ok, pledge for it...It's a new and exciting way to become interactive with the music you love...at PledgeMusic.com...More later...


Ready To Roll! 

We just received our CDs this week and all major retailers have received the digital upload!  Everything's set for global release of "The Dream Merchant" 5/1! Thanks again to Jeff Lorber, Eric Marienthal, Nelson Rangell and Tim Pascoal!
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